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Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
ID 72-016
Title Seabirds & Green Hornets
Types Featured E-2C, F-4G (Navy). F-4B, A-1H, UH-1F, CH-3E, UH-1N, MH-53M

This sheet from Wolfpak Decals covers a mixture of US Navy and USAF rotorcraft - quite a mixture but some interesting subjects. The tyypes covered are the US Navy E-2C, F-4G (Navy). F-4B and A-1H, and the UH-1F, CH-3E, UH-1N and MH-53M of the 20th SOS.

The airframes covered are as follows:-

As is normal for WolfPak, the instructions comprise a front sheet with side views printed in color, with additional 3 views in black and white.  Following this are 10 pages of history and details for each aircraft together with color details and additional references.

This is another really useful sheet from WolfPak and is a must if you want to build any of the 20th SOS aircraft.  A must-have reference is "Green Hornets - The History of the U.S.Air Force 20th Special Operations Squadron" by Wayne Mutza - available here.

Review by Chris St Clair