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Anigrand Craftswork C-141 - how to build an NC-141A - Part 2 by Ted Bayliss

Continuing with updates to the build, the first two shots show the sponson on the starboard side, the first shot as I thought it should be, the second shot modified to how it appears in the photos.



The next shot show where the APU exhaust is. Naturally, Anigrand completely left this part off, so it needs scratchbuilding to show it as is. I used a very thick piece of sprue, bent it 90 degrees and trimmed and shaped it. I'm hoping it will be OK once painted.


The last 2 shots show my failed attempt at simulating a strange phenomenom caused by the windows in a lot of transports, making them look bronzeish. It didn't work too well, and it's too late to sort it now.
The modified nose shape is also shown here, with an unwanted F-15 nose being the donor, as to me the real aircraft looks as if it has an F-15 nose grafted on. There is another addition to be made, I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I'll leave it till later for structural reasons.



The next couple of photos show the work needed to correct the locating pegs for the undercarriage bay covers.
I will show how it should be once I have done more work on it. Basically, the hinge points should be on the sponson, not as comes.
The first shot is as per kit, while the second one has been modified.



The next four shots show the first of the power eggs with the pylon attached.





Having had some conversations, I decided to remove the canopy and have another go at the 'bronzing' effect seen on the cockpit windows.
The first two shots show the repaint. I got some Tamiya clear yellow and sprayed that on fairly heavily, and fairly rapidly sprayed on Tamiya's clear Orange over that, but very lightly. The Orange just tones it down a bit.



The next 2 shots show the canopy in place to show the clarity through the windows.  I'm pleased I did it, as I think it looks a lot better.



The last 2 shots are just to show how the upper part of the main gear covers go. I have a lot of work to do in this area still, particularly with the legs.



Having had a look at photos I realised that the front portion of the cockpit windows are tinted blue, so I reworked them accordingly.  I also noticed there is some wiring on the IP shroud. Thats a job for another night.  The fairings also look interesting under the windscreen. I think they are probably rain deflectors.






Model, article and photographs by Ted Bayliss