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Well SMW 2019 is well and truly past, and a great show it was. Our display attracted plenty of attention, made even better by our friends (not only from the UK but also the Pittsburgh Men In Black from the US and Alex from Germany!) joining us over the weekend!

2020 is the 30th anniversary of the SIG, so we're currently working on planning a special display - stay tuned for more!


With the inspiration of recent posts on the SIG website regarding the Misty FAC Hun, Chuck has shared his photos of the historically significant Hun 'F which is currently displayed at the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs.  The plaque photo covers the specifics – then Maj Robbie Reisner, later a senior AF POW in the Viet Nam wargames - previously flew this aircraft to a new world record replicating/updating the thirtieth anniversary of Charles Lindbergh’s flight across the Atlantic.

Following the war, the aircraft found its way to the Colorado ANG and eventually came to rest in front of the Air Force Academy Prep School.  I apologize in advance for the AFA’s erratic attempt at accurate SEA markings, but hope you find the aircraft of interest for what it represents!

Photographs by Chuck Holte