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After a year's hiatus, Scale Modelworld has come and gone - and a great show it was too! Not as big as previous years, and lacking the support from most of our overseas friends, but fantastic nonetheless! Our 12' display was completely filled with all-new models (62 in all!) showing just how productive we have all been!

The show would not be the same without our friends, and we would like to call out (amongst many others!) Ted Bayliss, Phil Butler, Alex Hunger, Paul Guppy and Simon Perkins for filling the table, not to mention SIG Leader Haydn (Hughes) who must have been extremely disappointed that only a few of his 20+ new Phantoms made it onto the display!!

Let's hope that 2022 brings us the opportunity to attend more events, and thanks to the SMW Committee for their hard work in making sure the show took place! 


No events


Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Hasegawa
Kit ID
Type RB-47H 53-4296
Unit 55th SRW, Offut AFB
Date Late 1950's
Aftermarket parts used DB Productions conversion, Wolfpak decals sheet 72-021
Other detail added N/a
Model built by Alex Hunger
Date Completed December 2010

See Alex's detailed build article here

Model and photographs by Alex Hunger