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Well, another Scale Modelworld has passed and a great show it was too! The SIG display was well received and our new boards and banner went down well. We were supported with a number of "guest" aircraft for our Red Flag theme, including Chris Payne's Nimrod R.1, Paul Guppy's Israeli F-15 and a Columbian (?) KC-767 and F-16C as well as an Indian Flanker.

That's pretty much it for this year, so back to the workbench to get ready for Huddersfield in 2016! There has been so much in the way of new product over the past few months too - Valom's F-101 series, the Grand Models T-6A Texan II and Aircraft In Miniature's new resin CASA C.212 to name but three! And the news of Meng's upcoming F-106A is fantastic!

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The original version of TO 1-1-4 was released in 1964. Here is a full copy of this document.