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The first two shows of the year are now over.

Huddersfield was a great success in its new location and the SIG display drew much attention. Whilst we were in the smaller of the two halls, we were near to the competition and in the main entrance to the show.

This was the last year for the Hinckley show in its current location and it is very clear that the old site is not in a good state. The SIG display was banished to the back hall where the lighting was terrible - although the fact that several of the lights weren't working didn't help!

The next show will be Cosford on 3rd April - see you all there!



Bruntingthorpe Cold War Jets Day - May 29 2016
2016 Northern Model Show - June 5 2016
2016 IPMS Coventry & Warwickshire Model Show - June 26 2016
2016 RIAT - July 8 2016
2016 RIAT - July 8 2016
2016 RIAT - July 8 2016

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Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Hasegawa
Kit ID
Type RF-4C 64-1077
Unit 10th TRS, RAF Alconbury
Date 1978
Aftermarket parts used Quickboost seats, decals from Xtradecal sheet X72072
Other detail added
Model built by Ted Bayliss
Date Completed September 2007

Using a standard new style Hasegawa RF-4C kit I have produced this model from the 10th TRW from RAF Alconbury as seen in 1978 from a photo I found on 5057 Phantoms gallery. This is done in the original Gull Grey and White scheme as when delivered. The photo looks like it has some sort of sealing tape around the photoflash ejectors on the rear of the aircraft, which I have simulated with some paint.

The kit goes together well as is usual with Hasegawa although care in assembly is important!

Model, Article and photos by Ted Bayliss